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Orthokeratology by John S. (5th grade)

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Orthokeratology is something that may sound weird but works really well. Orthokeratology is something very few doctors can do. There are 2 Orthokeratology doctors in Illinois that do advanced Orthokeratology (my doctor, Dr Rob is one of them).

Orthokeratology is where a person wears a mold at night that changes the shape of your eye. It may even keep your eyes from getting worse. This has huge significance due to the fact that the number of people getting nearsighted is soaring. One doctor did research and showed Orthokeratology is super helpful.

Orthokeratology can make you a better spectator (and player) for sporting events because you won’t be shouting, “I can’t see”. Orthokeratology is AWESOME!