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This place is awesome. Dr. Gerowitz is phenomenal. The assistant Alma is very good at training kids. I was referred by many Chinese parents who say their kids' vision haven't changed or change very little after going there for several years. My sons( who are 10 and 11) have been there for less than a year so I am hoping their vision don't change(much) until they are 18 years old. I will keep you updated.

- Beau L. - Google Review

Trustworthy and Professional


My daughter (10 year old) has used ortho-k for more than 2 years in Houston. I’m so glad I can find Dr. Robert in Chicago. It was so stressful to find a new doctor, but Dr. Robert was very trustful and professional. He always listened well. If something got wrong, he tried to fix it and gave a best result. He let me know how to care a mold with proper way, and it was so easy and saved a lot of time. Also I really appreciate his work and happy to work with my daughter.

- Lisa S. - Google Review



Our old daughter has been a patient in his office for 6 years and the treatment is wonderful. Our little daughter has been a patient in his office for 3 years. The first two years everything is fine. But last year her right eye can not get the right view. So Dr. Gerowitz keep checking her eyes every month. He also remaking the right eye mold twice free of charge. Finally, my daughter get the right view again. We are very happy with his service. We like his office staff also. They all did an excellent professional job!

- Youmin X. - Google Review



Dr. Robert Gerowitz is a very experienced Optometrist! He makes every appointment a relaxing experience for Henry. The staffs are very friendly as well. I certain recommend Dr. Robert to other families!

- Alice Z. - Google Review



Dr. Gerowitz is awesome! He's been very patient with my daughter. She's very near sighted but her eyesight has gotten better over the years during her Ortho-K treatment. His office is always packed with patients.

- Mei J. - Google Review