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Comprehensive Eye Exams for Hearing Impaired Patients

hearing loss treatment with Dr Robert Gerowitz

Most eye conditions can be promptly dealt with, or even prevented, with regular examinations by a trusted Optometrist. Through a series of tests, Dr. Robert Gerowitz and Dr. Leon Kubicki will determine what eye problem you may have and perform the appropriate treatment option to ensure healthier and clearer vision. While eye exams are essential, they are even more crucial for hearing impaired patients.

Good eyesight plays an important role in helping hearing impaired patients recognize people, identify what is being said, and be acutely aware of body language and facial expressions. If they have failing vision, it may be too difficult for hearing impaired patients to interact with other people or keep themselves safe in their surroundings–for instance, watching for approaching traffic. If you have a hearing impaired friend or family member, Dr. Rob and Dr. Leon will perform their eye health and vision exam in sign language to ensure total communication.

Comfortable and Personalized Eye Exams for Hearing Impaired Patients

Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Optometrist PC aims to deliver high-quality eyecare solutions to our hearing impaired patients. Starting with the last year of his Optometric internship, Dr. Gerowitz and Dr. Kubicki has provided Chicagoland’s Hearing Impaired population with the same high level of care he gives to all patients.

By becoming proficient in Sign Language, Dr. Rob has once again “raised the bar” in the area of Specialty Eye Care Services. Our professional team has good experience working with hearing impaired children and  adults, so expect only a safe and comfortable environment when you visit us for a thorough eye exam. Depending on the results, we’ll offer customized solutions to improve eyesight and quality of life.

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