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Eye Conditions

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If you or your child have blurry vision or experience regular headaches, you should consider a prompt eye exam from  trusted Palatine Optometrist Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Optometrist PC. After all, these may be warning signs of an eye condition, which Dr. Gerowitz and Dr. Kubicki can help you with. We have provided Illinois patients with high-quality solutions to their eye care needs since 1984. When you turn to us for the following eye problems, we ensure a comfortable and personalized service, from start to finish:

  • Myopia. Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is a common refractive error that occurs when the eyeball is too long. Both adults and children are at risk–in fact, myopia is often diagnosed in children between ages 6 to 12 and continues to worsen during their teenage years. Squinting, eye strain, headaches, and difficulties in reading distant objects are just some of its symptoms. Dr. Gerowitz can help treat this through Orthokeratology, which can help prevent progressive myopia. This involves using advanced corneal molds to gently and gradually reshape the eye’s front surface.
  • Dry Eye. Insufficient lubrication and moisture on the eye’s surface can cause this problem, allowing for constant eye irritation or even inflammation. To prevent lasting eye damage and ensure quality of life, have Dr. Gerowitz examine and determine the cause of your dry eyes. He’ll then devise an effective treatment plan to control this condition.
  • Keratoconus. This eye problem occurs when the cornea becomes thinner and more irregularly shaped, causing distorted vision. Dr. Gerowitz and his team can help you deal with keratoconus through scleral or large diameter lenses. They’ll cover the cone-shaped irregular cornea with a smooth, regular ocular surface, allowing for a comfortable fit and clearer vision.

You can also count on Dr. Gerowitz to offer advanced treatment solutions to these eye conditions and hyperopia, amblyopia, red and pink eye, and cataracts.

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