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A more common term used for the condition Hyperopia is farsightedness.  People with Hyperopia have a hard time focusing on objects that are near, while having no problem seeing objects from afar. It is one of the more common vision problems, affecting about one in every four Americans. The reason behind this condition is that the eyeballs of a Hyperopia patient may be shorter than normal, which distorts light and leads it to focus behind the retina instead of on it. Children born with Hyperopia often tend to “outgrow” the condition as their eyes continue to lengthen.

How to Tell if you have Hyperopia

If you have been experiencing frequent headaches and/or eyestrain when working up close, such as when reading a book or working on your laptop, you may need an updated prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. The only way to confirm this is to schedule a thorough eye exam.

Get your eyes checked by Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Optometrist PC

If you suspect you may need treatment for Hyperopia, Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Optometrist PC in Palatine, Il has the most up-to-date practice, with the most advanced Optometry equipment. Our thorough eye exam will cover your entire visual system. In addition to evaluating your vision and depth perception, we will also check your color vision, focusing ability, eye muscle control, and coordination. After also checking your eye health, will we determine the prescription that best corrects your Hyperopia.

We have the finest optical correction capabilities available, and our well-trained staff can help you select the most suitable eyewear from a great selection. Or if you opt for contact lenses (or are already using contacts), our diagnostic contact lens evaluation will check your current fit or help you with the best and most comfortable fitting.

Correct your Eyesight Now! Contact Us.

Start managing your Hyperopia today with the help of Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Optometrist PC! Browse through our site to learn more about our services and product options. Give us a call at (847) 705-7777 to schedule a consultation, or get in touch with us through our online appointment scheduler.