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Eye Doctors in Palatine – Specialists In Orthokeratology & Ortho-K Lenses

At Eyecare of Palatine, our eye doctors offer patients the opportunity to feel as if they are the most important people in the world… because they are! Please explore our website and learn about the innovative eye care services we offer to new and current patients.

With decades of experience between them, Drs. Gerowitz and Kubicki bring the highest level of eye care to the Chicagoland area.
Dr. Gerowitz
Dr. Leon Kubicki

This is William

He was a good soccer player before starting on the Gentle Shaping System. Then he did corneal reshaping with Dr. Rob and by the end of the season, he was one of the leading scorers on his team!

He told us that he didn’t want to wear sports goggles and was worried the wind and dust on the field might bother his eyes during games if he wore regular contact lenses. He also didn’t want to wear glasses for the eighth-grade dance.

We’ve really enjoyed working with William this past year and best of all, his prescription didn’t increase like it had been doing before we saw him!

Orthokeratology / The Gentle Shaping System is a terrific way to improve children’s lives by controlling their myopia. Call us to find out more and for a free consultation in our office.

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Meet Our Palatine staff

Ana Sanchez

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We Couldn't Have Said it Better
J.S, age 11 was in today and this is what he said: "I had a baseball game last week and I could see the ball so clearly thanks to Dr Rob's Gentle Shaping System"
- Robert G.

Eye Exams & Glasses in Palatine

We have industry-leading innovative diagnostic and imaging equipment to provide you with peace of mind that you’ll receive the best care for your eyes.

Treat yourself (and your peepers) to the latest in fashionable eyewear. Come by to check out our newest collection of modern and vintage-style designer glasses or prescription glasses. While you’re at it, why not add a blue light filter to your glasses. Learn more about our blue-light blocking glasses and how they protect your eyes and improve your sleep. We also offer computer glasses to reduce the effects of computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain.

Don’t have an updated prescription? Book an eye exam today and get your personalized fitting at Eyecare of Palantine and experience Palatine‘s newest home of remarkable eyewear in person.

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