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Where Should My Child Read to Help Prevent Progressive Myopia?


This is an important question I get asked very often and its answer is equally important. Reading distances that are too close for extended periods of time, have been linked to progressive myopia. The next time you go to a restaurant, look around. Kids are sitting at adult-sized tables, but because of their height, their faces are very close to the table top itself. If they are using a smart phone or tablet, their viewing distance can be as close as six inches or less!

The same thing happens when they are reading, studying, gaming, or whatever….many children just read way too close! So how does a parent determine the correct reading/writing/working distance for their kids or even themselves?

The answer is, the HARMON DISTANCE. Developed by Dr. Darrell Boyd Harmon, it is regarded by Optometrists to be the best distance for reading, writing, and other close work.The Harmon Distance for anyone is measured by placing one’s fist under their chin and then holding their tablet, smart phone, or book at their elbow. The same technique applies for doing desk work like math and other written work.

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