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How Much Is The Cost Of Great Vision?

When it comes to buying a car, in addition to the sticker price, there is also maintenance, insurance, repairs, and general upkeep. You probably know that the costs are going to be higher for a top-of-the-line Aston Martin vs. a dependable Honda Civic. Of course, James Bond’s preferred method of transportation offers a smoother, more luxurious ride than a mid-class family car, so when you’re cruising down the highway, the difference between the two vehicles is noticeable.

The same can be said for eye care. There are contact lenses, and then there are contact lenses. While standard soft lenses offer a good level of comfort and vision clarity, there are higher-end models that do so much more for your quality of life. The difference is simply incomparable. At Eye Doctors in Palatine, we give our patients in Palatine, Illinois that superior difference. If you’re ready to upgrade your contact lenses, contact Doctors Robert Gerowitz and Leon Kubicki and Dr. Leon Kubicki.

The Ortho-K Difference

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is a process of corneal reshaping. The patient wears specially-designed gas permeable lenses that are custom-fitted for their eyes by their eye doctor. Air can pass through, so the lenses don’t dry out, remaining moist and comfortable.

Ortho-K lenses are worn overnight. As you sleep, the lenses gently reshape the cornea, making it flatter so light can pass through correctly. In the morning, you take the lenses out and go about your day without any contacts or glasses.

Sounds a little like magic, doesn’t it?

Why Does Ortho-K Cost More?

When it comes to Ortho-K lenses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Because the lenses are custom fitted by Doctors Robert Gerowitz and Leon Kubicki and Dr. Leon Kubicki, there is extra time spent with the doctor to measure the size and shape of your cornea. The lenses are designed for your eyes only. A customized product always costs more, but the benefits are worth it.

Short-Term Savings, Long-Term Problems

Children and young adults with vision correction needs are especially vulnerable to eyesight-related problems in school. Difficulty reading can lead to poor grades, issues with their peers, and more. These things can cause long-term problems as children get older and reach the upper grades.

The cost is your child’s success – lower self-confidence and simply not living up to their potential can be tied to their vision needs. Now is the time to invest in better vision care

The Cost Of Better Vision

The majority of contact lens wearers use soft lenses. These are usually replaced either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The cost of standard soft lenses are roughly $300 per year. However, this doesn’t include lens solution, which can run close to $150 to $200 per year.

Daily disposable contacts are priced higher. That’s because they are worn once a day and then discarded, so there’s no need for storage or lens solution. Daily contacts can cost between $500-$600 a year for a standard pair. Higher quality daily lenses can run upwards of $600 to $800 annually.

A custom-made tuxedo will cost more than an off-the-rack version, thanks to superior fabric and materials, higher cost of labor, and time spent designing and making alterations. The same is true for Ortho-K lenses. They are an extremely high quality, 100% customized set of contacts to fit the exact measurements of your cornea.

Typically, there is an initial $2,000 fee, which covers the charge of the eye doctor’s assessment and fitting. Annual costs usually run between $500 to $600. Although the first-time fees are higher, the long-term savings provide greater value for your eye care.

Get Ready For An Ortho-K Upgrade

Maybe you’ve had soft contact lenses for a while, or you use daily disposable ones, and you may not have noticed how much you’re spending per year. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Talk to the optometric staff at Eye Doctors in Palatine about how Ortho-K contact lenses can improve your vision and quality of life.

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